Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some other ways to read Pilgrim's Progress

If you don't have a copy of Pilgrim's Progress, or if you find reading it too daunting, here's some alternatives:
  1. Read a children's version with your kids, as a family or one-to-one. Why not draw a map of Christian's journey, make a craft (e.g. some armour, or a scroll), or perform some dramas (e.g. a battle, or a climb up the Hill of Difficulty), and share them with us?
  2. Read Pilgrim's Progress on line. There are some excellent abridged versions, either in the original language or modernised, with beautiful illustrations, available at Verselink; or you can read the unabridged version at Verselink, Christian Classics Ethereal Library or The Baldwin Project (and many other places online!).
  3. Listen to Pilgrim's Progress in MP3 format. You can download Parts I & II free from Verselink.

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