Friday, February 5, 2010

Right Side Up - Pt 1

I live in the centre of the city. One of the results of this life style choice is that I rarely travel very far by public transport. The average trip to the nearest shopping centre to do some serious grocery shopping takes ten minutes. So I began this book while heading out to get some groceries, after I'd settled into my seat and answered a couple of text messages, I reached into my bag for Right Side Up and began to read. By the time I arrived at my destination, I'd got to the end of the highly intriguing beginning and no further! That certainly sped up my shopping trip and I trawled the aisles pondering where it could all be going. Full marks to Paul for capturing the reader's attention. Trusting Jesus really is like a wild carnival ride, or at least it feels like it when you start out. I couldn't help wondering how Paul managed to remember exactly how he felt 21 years ago when he decided to follow Christ. I'd forgotten that but as he described it he took me right back there. I remember the fear mixed with excitement now which helped me to see how God has honoured his promises to me these last 18 years. The 'wild' ride is much less risky when Jesus is driving the bus. First and foremost, this is a book for new Christians but as Paul promises on the back cover it's a helpful read even if you've been traveling with Jesus for a while now. I'm looking forward to going on this trip in the month ahead and I hope you can join me.

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