Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A feminist pioneer rethinking home

Here is another newspaper article of interest: Feminist pioneer’s rethink: ‘a woman’s place is in the home’ in which Erin Pizzey reassesses, among other things, the impact of working mothers on the development of children. Here is a snippet:
I think the traditional way the family was run has been going for thousands of years and it works. What I see now is men disenfranchised from their roles. Women are lost because they now have to work full-time. They don't have a choice. There is no proper child care, there's nobody home when the children come home ... I don't think anybody foresaw what that freedom of choice would do. It's imprisoned many women. They don't have a choice - they have to work hard and I just see an exhausted generation of women trying to do it all.


Pete said...

It is probably a combination of freedom of choice and consumerism. In past generations a husband and wife would buy a small home and he would work while she raised the children. Their entire life was based around one income. When the children reached school, the wife would then return to part time work. This extra income then allowed the family to get a bigger home or purchase the things they need. However it is different today. The husband and wife purchase the biggest home and newest car they can on 2 incomes as both work yet when the kids come along, the wife has no choice but to work to support the 2 income lifestyle and then of course the kids get dumped in child care. Our instantanous materialistic society has contributed greatly to women entering the workforce and the ramifications of this in gender roles, early childhood development etc. If husbands and wifes backed off the consumerism, the women is not forced to work to pay bills, she can actually choose to work and on her terms. This is true womens rights. However I am a man so my views on this site may not be worth much.

Ali said...

Pete, you should read this book - or write it maybe - because it discusses those very ideas and we are certainly all prone to getting caught up in materialism and unnecessary lifestyle standards. Capitalism has interacted negatively with feminism also though, making it difficult for families now to make it on one income, which exacerbates the problem.