Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Joined-up Life, Chapter Eleven

Isn’t Christianity just another example of a group (aka ‘the religious authorities’) trying to control and dominate others?
Hasn’t it invented the idea of ‘sinful’ activities to enslave people into its way of doing things?
I’ve never heard a friend say this outright. But I have sensed the implication. Apparently its what the philosopher Nietzsche thought.
I loved how Cameron flipped this mentality. In fact Cameron didn’t flip it. Christ did. Jesus came not be served but to serve.
Jesus’ death and resurrection are the most powerful combined action in all history. It has enabled the resurrection of millions from the dead, created a new eternal kingdom and defeated death itself. The most powerful event in history. Yet Jesus used this power not to manipulate or oppress, but to free and liberate. ‘At a stroke, the most powerful Lord of the universe confirms that we’re powerful in order to help each other’ (p. 80).
The church is not a league of dominating oppressors. Look at its leader! It’s a gathering of servants.
This chapter made me consider- What powers do I have (limited as they may be)?  Am I using them to help others?
Financial power, physical power, intellectual power, relational power….other powers?
I haven’t tended to think of my life before in terms of powers like this, but it has let me focus more on how I can use these to the benefit of others. And it has left me feeling….perhaps unsurprisingly, strangely empowered!

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