Sunday, October 9, 2011

Introducing Lindy Hadges

Hi everyone my name is Lindy. I am married to Nick and we have five very beautiful children, thinking more on the inside but the outside too!! We live in the south of Sydney and have been in full time ministry for ten years now, so really we’re only newbies and have much to learn. My husband has run youth group at our church over that time and teaches scripture in the local high schools during the week. I spend a large portion of my time homeschooling our children and working in my own counseling business. There is nothing that I find more rewarding than teaching God’s word to women and watching them grow in their understanding and love of their maker. This year has been a year of really experiencing God’s grace at a new depth for me as I face again the depths of my own depravity before God, not a nice experience but a blessed one in the end. How desperately we need Him!

Last year Nick and I were part of a marriage group with four other couples that met up once a month. We read a chapter of Safe Haven Marriage each month and then would join together over a meal to discuss some questions and our marriages. I was personally very interested in the concepts in Safe Haven Marriage as it uses an emotionally focused approach to marriage difficulties which is the same modality that I have been trained in for my profession. Our time together as a group was one of openness, honesty and vulnerability that grew over the course of the year. We all enjoyed it so much that we decided to continue on this year with a different book. At times it wasn’t easy as we would talk about the weaknesses and failures in our marriages but it was very normalizing and encouraging to share with other Christian couples who had all been married longer than 20 years and are aware of what struggles can arise after decades of marriage. During that time we grew some deep friendships and developed some places of trust. It has been a great experience and if you are married, may I encourage you to start a similar group where ever you are.

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