Monday, July 4, 2011

Meeting Louise Keun

Louise is our July contributor, and will be reviewing You Can Change by Tim Chester.

“I grew up in a noisy home as one of five siblings, and spent much of my childhood assuming I was a Christian. Afterall, wasn’t everybody? I then spent my high school years coming to grips with the truth of the gospel, finally making a decision to follow Jesus in year 11. Fifteen years on I can still find myself struggling with the same questions I found hard right at the beginning, but it is always the undeniable, inescapable facts of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection that keep me on track.

I trained and worked as a physiotherapist, am married to Dave, and now love being a mum to 3 little girls. We live in north-west Sydney where I am constantly encouraged by the women at church as they live for Christ in the joys, the hardships and the ordinariness of life.”