Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spiritual Depression - It's Causes and Cure

The third article in Mathias Media’s MiniZine, Facing Depression Together, is actually a review by Jean Williams of a book called “Spiritual Depression - Its Causes and Cure” by Martyn Lloyd Jones. The book is made up of 24 sermons first published in 1965 from shorthand notes of a parishioner. I must admit I have not read nor had I heard of these sermons but after reading Jean William’s review I Googled “Martyn Lloyd Jones” and found this website to order the book online

This website review of the book says:-

“Drawing together his professional medical understanding of the human mind, profound knowledge of the Scriptures and compassionate pastor’s heart, this is classic Lloyd Jones at his peerless best. Originally preached at Westminster Chapel, this enduring collection of 24 sermons should form an essential part of any Christian’s library”.

So unfortunately I can’t review this book and a review of a book review seems weird so whilst I’m waiting for my airmail package to arrive, I would like to recommend another book I found extremely helpful by Dr Archibald D. Hart. It is called “The Anxiety Cure - you can find emotional tranquility and wholeness”. It is published by Thomas Nelson, Inc.1999 USA. It is a secular book by a world renowned psychologist who is also a Christian. In the first chapter, I was delighted to read “A message to Christian Readers” here he talks about Christians probably being more prone to developing a high level of stress. The author lists “The Ten Most Ridiculous Things You Can Say to a Person with Anxiety” and other very helpful sections such as “Does Scripture Condemn Anxiety?” and “The Consequences of Neglecting Gods Provisions”. What I specifically enjoyed was the layman language used to explain the role that brain chemistry, physiological responses and patterns of thinking play in an anxiety disorder. A friend from church lent me this book about 2 years ago – I still haven’t returned it because I keep re-reading it! (Sorry Archie!)

Here is Dr Hart’s “The Ten Most Ridiculous Things You Can Say to a Person with Anxiety (or to yourself for that matter)”

1. We all get anxious, so just pull yourself together.
2. If you would just relax more, your anxiety will go away.
3. Have you committed some sin that God is punishing you for?
4. You worry too much, and worry never changes anything.
5. If you just try harder you wouldn’t feel so stressed-out.
6. Just ignore your problems and they will go away.
7. Anxiety can’t kill you, so just snap out of it.
8. If you had more faith, you would stop worrying.
9. Take a holiday and all your problems will go away.
10. If I can cope with my life, you should be able to cope with yours.

Happy reading!

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