Monday, November 1, 2010

Meeting Paula Vouris

Over November, Paula Vouris will be reviewing 'Facing Depression Together'. Paula will kindly share some of her story with depression. But here's a quick intro.

"I'm 39 and live in Randwick, though 'home' growing up was Panania (Sydney's South West). I've been married to Gary 10 years, and we have 2 children Joshua (8) and Olivia (6).

I became a Christian 8 years ago at St John of God Private Psychiatric Hospital in Burwood after suffering from severe postnatal depression with Josh. And then my husband became a Christian a year after me. (I'll tell you more in my next blog).

My biggest passions are: 1. Telling people how I became a Christian 2.The mighty South Sydney Rabbitohs! My biggest achievement was: Giving birth once and then 2 years later, doing it again!

I have a background in event management and currently do volunteer work for my local church – eg Easter Outreach Picnic and 150th Church B’day Outreach Party! Last year I was a Volunteer Connect09 Regional Ambassador for Sydney Anglicans working for Andrew Nixon. I was on the organizing team for the “Inspiring People” Sydney CBD Outreach events. There was 15 events in 3 weeks and the guest speakers were high profile Australian Christians talking about what “inspires” them ie Jesus! My job was to persuade all 35 potential speakers to participate in these events and lock them into a date and coordinate them with other speakers on the panel (I was in a constant state of prayer for 3 months!)

Part of my ambassador role was to give my testimony to many regional churches in Sydney and tell people how important it is to connect with people in their local community – I gave my testimony many times and told church leaders how difficult it was for me to go to church because I did not know anyone who was a Christian or even anyone who went to church and I was frightened to enter the church buildings on my own."

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