Monday, November 30, 2009

Beyond Greed - Introduction

I first read Beyond Greed in its first edition, How to be Really Rich, a few years ago now but its piercing critique of Christianity in developed and affluent societies has never left me. It had a great and lasting impact on me then and I hope this new edition, Beyond Greed, will again help me to change as I meditate on the parts of God’s word that are the basis of this book. I hope it will not leave you unchanged either! In this first week there'll be some very short posts each day explaining why I think it’s worth reading this book and discussing it together. Then from the 7th of December, there’ll be one post per week based on:

  • Preface and Part 1; in which greed is unmasked
  • Part 2; which explains how greed is idolatry
  • Parts 3 & 4; about contentment and generosity
  • Parts 5 & 6; about a Christian lifestyle and true riches

After my post it will be over to you to share your questions, insights, ideas for change, struggles and joys in our fight to put off the old self and live instead by the Spirit.

*(If you have How to be Really Rich, I wouldn't rush out and buy Beyond Greed. Beyond Greed has the same basic argument, only with some articles from the Briefing that also address the issue of greed, an unpublished sermon from John Dickson and an extra chapter by Brian Rosner addressing the prosperity gospel. You will be able to follow all of our discussion if you read How to be Really Rich.)

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