Thursday, October 29, 2009

Treasuring God in Our Traditions (11) - Rethinking our traditions

Before we leave all thoughts of traditions behind, I want to encourage you to take some time and think about ways you can implement some new traditions in your homes. Here are some questions that you might find useful as you do this:

1. Think about what an average day looks like in your home (write the general daily routine down if it helps!).

a) What are some things that you do together? What do these things say about your family? Are there things you can introduce into your daily/weekly patterns to create your own unique family culture?

b) Are there regular times in the day when you read the Bible and pray with your children? If not, is there a time in the day where you could plan to do this?

2. Since Christmas is coming up, spend a bit of time thinking about what you normally do. What things could you introduce into your family Christmas this year to make it more:
  • Christ-focussed,
  • evangelistic,
  • generous, and
  • and fun!
I do hope this book has encouraged you to see how the special occasions and everyday patterns of our lives can add up to something that glorifies God and passes on a kind of inheritance to our children and those who live after us.

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