Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Reading the Sunday Philosophy Club

You might have noticed we have made an unusual choice for next month's book - The Sunday Philosophy Club. In many ways, it is quite different from the other books we have discussed up to this point- not only is it not a Christian book, but it is also a work of fiction.

When we put together our book list a year ago, we decided that it would be good to interact with a secular book from a Christian perspective. We thought The Sunday Philosophy Club would be a good choice, because (with its focus on moral philosophy), it throws up so many opportunities to discuss secular world-view. Plus it is a fun book to read!

But, of course, because it is so different, we're going to approach this book a little differently. The posts are to be written by me (Nicole) and Dani Scarratt, who did her PhD on the history of the relationship between conceptions of the Fall and moral philosophy. Here's how it will work:

* Dani will discuss the more philosophical questions that the book throws up, and help us to understand philosophy a little better.

* I will be discussing some of the themes that arise in the book, and look at them from a Christian perspective. I guess these ones will be more general in their musings!

We won't be going through the book sequentially, so it will help if you've read at least a bit of the book before we start. It would be ideal if you can finish it early in the month - which is a bit easier with Alexander McCall Smith books, I've found! And of course, as with all the books, but perhaps even more so with this one, we would love to have your input in the conversation!

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