Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrating Christmas

If you're anything like me, it feels a little strange thinking about Christmas so early. I don't usually get around to that until at least the 20th!! But what better opportunity is there to prepare well for our Christmas celebrations than to be thinking and reflecting on this part of scripture?

And so I've been wondering how we can help each other celebrate Christmas this year, deliberately praising God for his faithfulness and mercy to us in sending our Saviour.

What I would like us to do is this:

1. Think about ways to celebrate Christmas based on our reading of Luke. As we think and reflect on the first two chapters of Luke this week, let’s also think about how it will affect the way we celebrate Christmas. What could you do to remember, celebrate and praise God for what he had done?

2. Share your ideas with us. It might be something simple, it might be something challenging. Some of us need simple and some of us like a challenge. Whatever your idea, if it helps us to think and reflect on Christ our Saviour this Christmas, then, share it with us. Let's help and encourage each other to celebrate Christ this Christmas. Send your ideas, with photos if appropriate, to this address. We'll publish them over the month.

You might like to make Christmas cards, bake, decorate, prepare presents with a Christmas message, prepare readings leading up to Christmas, write songs, sing songs, write a play, think of ways to share the message of Christmas with your friends...

For inspiration, you can read what Nicole has written here (which comes with lots of fantastic links); or read about my family’s experience last year:

Choir of Angels
Nativity Creativity
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It's Christmas Again (Pt 2)

I'm looking forward to hearing your ideas!


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