Sunday, November 23, 2008

Discussing Pilgrim's Progress in small groups

A few weeks ago, one of our pastors discovered I'm writing on Pilgrim's Progress. With a gleam in his eye, he pulled out a heavy spiral-bound A4 volume, and placed it in my hands. I found myself holding the most readable and accurate modern English translation of Pilgrim's Progress Part I I've come across, by John Musselman of The Jackson Institute.

As I turned to the back of the book, I found 25 studies for personal reflection and small group discussion, which I devoured as we drove home from church. They are well-written, challenging, and insightful, and they have helped me understand the book, how it applies to my own life, and how I might help you understand it better.

Pilgrim's Progress is great book for studying in small groups: our pastor leads groups through Musselman's studies regularly. With its deep understanding of the Bible and the Christian life, Pilgrim's Progress will give you plenty to discuss, and challenge you to encourage one another in your Christian pilgrimage. There are a number of study guides on Pilgrim's Progress - if anyone's familiar with them, perhaps you could tell us about them in the comments. But I'd like to recommend you get hold of this excellent guide.

Copies of Musselman's Pilgrim's Progress with Study Guide are available from Lulu or through The Jackson Institute, jacksoninstitute@mindspringcom , 770.518.7994, or PO Box 500071, Atlanta, GA 31150, for $25.00 American plus 7% tax for Georgia residents and postage.

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